Call for Speakers

The key to a great conference is great presentations.

Please help make the New York symposium a great event by submitting a speaking proposal by January 30, 2015 for a main-stage 20-30 minute presentation or solution spotlight, 5-minute lightning talk, or a longer workshop. An honorarium is available for academic, research, and independent-consultant presenters. Workshops will be scheduled in a break-out room that seats 60, about one-third the capacity of the main-stage auditorium. We will consider late submissions on a space-available basis. Each form is described in a section below.

What's the symposium like? The best way to answer is by pointing you to video from previous symposium. Click the "presentations" links on our About page and then return her to submit your proposal.

Presentation proposals from end users, analysts, researchers, and consultants in one of the areas that follow are especially welcome, but we will happily consider all proposals. We do aim for a "no sales pitch" policy to discourage product focused presentations although in order to accommodate sponsors, who make the symposium financially viable, we are reserving abbreviated presentations slots for higher-level sponsors.

Note that we expect to receive MANY presentation proposals and will be able to accept only a fraction of the talks proposed. We will not accept any basic, "This is Sentiment Analysis" type talks.

Please submit your proposal by Friday, January 30, 2015. We will aim to notify you in mid February whether your proposal is accepted. Selected speakers -- one per presentation (except lightning talks and excluding solution providers) -- will receive a free conference pass for their own use.

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Presentations and Solution Spotlights

Presentations typically cover technologies, while solution spotlights profile particular applications or industries. You'll present in the large auditorium space and will be video-recorded (unless you prefer not to be).

Priority presentation topics include:

Solution spotlight focus areas include:

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Workshops are longer-form presentations of 60, 90, or (exceptionally) 180 minutes, presented by recognized industry, research, and academic authories, taking place in a parallel track to the symposium's presentation track. They are designed for a smaller audience of 60-80 and take place in a break-out space Wednesday July 15 and Thursday morning July 16.

Priority workshop topics -- in addition to the topics and focus areas listed above -- include:

We are reserving space for a limited number of 30- and 45-minute sponsored workshops, presented by solution providers. For information, please contact us at +1 301-270-0795 or via e-mail at sas(at)

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Financial Markets Segment

We're planning a half-day financial-markets segment within the symposium's Workshops track. It will be held Thursday afternoon, July 16, complementing the symposium's other technical and business-related content.

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Lightning Talks/Start-Up Showcase

If you're from a solution provider -- a start-up or established vendor -- and haven't presented a sentiment-symposium lightning talk in the last year, please consider submitting a proposal. Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations/demos of your sentiment analysis technology, solution, or service. Just use the form to tell us who you are and what you propose to demonstrate. Click here to proceed to the proposal form.

NB to present a lightning talk you must be a paid attendee or sponsor, but you are welcome to register after you talk has been accepted.

Thank you!

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